'Top Chef' Recap: The problem with peas Season 7, Episode 7

For all his alpha male talk, Kenny really is just a cuddly teddy bear. Whether he's scrunched up in bed, pondering his low rank in last week's episode or strutting around the house in his cozy bathrobe, he's just a big lug.

Angelo, on the other hand, is as deceiving as they get. I mean how can you expect us to believe you're actually sad to see Tamesha gone when you're wearing neon green?

And that's how the episode pretty much opened, because the only interesting aspect of this season is watching Kenny and Angelo duke it out. (Though I'm also rooting for Kevin to pull through.)

Kelly, meanwhile, was sad she was losing roommates left and right, but obviously not really because she doesn't mess around in a competition. I mean, she doesn't even share salt! After all the moping, we got on with the Quickfire, brought to you by the House's youngest congressman, Aaron Schock of Illinois.

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