The Biggest Loser Season 8, Episode 6: Week 6 - Recap

Ding-dong, the witch is... wait, Tracey's still here? Yep, the Blue team decided to switch it up and send home Mo, the sweet coach from Kentucky. When Tracey walks in the door, Black is shocked and she knows it. (Cue her tears.)

This week featured the challenge at the beginning of the episode. Alison meets the players to let them know that they'll have to dig through a pile of sand to each find a key. The team that finds all four keys and unlocks their treasure first will win a prize to be revealed at the end. It's a typically looks-tougher-than-it-is task and after a long-winded hunt, Blue team wins. So what do they get? The bittersweet tickets to go home. Because going home can be seen as both a reward and a detriment, Blue has the option to pass the week at home to Black - which they do.

I love seeing contestants reunited with their families - it's always such a sweet moment. One by one, the Black members explain to their loved ones that they'll need to work super hard while at home so that they can succeed at the weigh-in. Blue, meanwhile, gets pushed to the limit on the ranch because Bob wants to make sure that their decision to stay is worth it.

The week at home isn't easy (well, except for Danny, who makes the transition effortlessly). Dina has to bring her son with her to the gym, Amanda doesn't even know what she's doing at the gym and Shay starts crying at the gym. That night, both Dina and Shay are disappointed at dinner when their husbands chow down on fatty foods, oblivious to the fact that those same foods made their wives overweight.

On the ranch, Blue takes a trip to the food bank to fill backpacks for children who may not get a meal. I love that Biggest Loser always goes above and beyond what the typical reality show does.

At the last-chance workout, Jillian yells at Daniel for working less than his potential. She realizes, though, that something must be going on. He breaks down on the treadmill and confesses that his mom tried to stop him from gaining weight and now he feels awful for not loving her the way she loved him all these years.

On to the weigh-in:


Allen loses 8 pounds.

Rebecca loses 5 pounds.

Tracey loses 4 pounds.

Liz loses 4 pounds.

Rudy loses 14 pounds.

Their total weight loss is 35 pounds, 2.65%.

Then Black steps on the scale:

Amanda loses 6 pounds.

Shay loses 5 pounds.

Abby loses 4 pounds.

Dina loses 5 pounds.

Danny loses 15 pounds.

Daniel gained 1 pound.

Their total weight loss is 34 pounds, 1.98%.

Apparently Blue made a smart decision. Since Black has the smaller weight-loss percentage, they must vote someone out. It appears to be between Dina and Daniel and in a very close vote, Dina is ultimately sent packing. This was a tough week because I didn't want to see anyone from Black leave. But today Dina is down to 188 pounds, looking fabulous, and is even able to jump onto that annoying box.

What did you think of this week's Biggest Loser?

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