Were you guys happy with the Oscar results?

Just curious to find out everyone's response to the Oscar results? Do you think No Country For Old Men deserved all of the biggest awards?

I have a confession to make; I haven't seen No Country or There Will Be Blood yet, but the show certainly brought little surprises (every single movie critic seemed unanimous that these 2 movies would be getting the major awards...and they did)...

So...I can't really comment if those 2 movies were deserving or not, but I will say that (and perhaps I was in a minority) I was not rooting for Juno to win the Best Original Screenplay Oscar.

I thought that the movie was as enjoyable as the next person, but I thought it was sometimes a little "too cute for its own good" and overwritten ("honest to blog"...). I was gunning for Ratatouille in that category (in fact, I kind of wish Ratatouille was up for Best Picture over Juno).

What does everyone else think?


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