Springfield's Best (says Vanity Fair)

Does Vanity Fair know their Simpsons?

The magazine has put together a story on what they consider (unscientifically) to be the show's 10 funniest episodes.

Check them out here:

Springfield's Best

The Simpsons returns to Fox September 28th.


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Sep 4, 2008 6:46PM EDT

You said it, verrrry unscientific. What did the writer of this just list the ten episodes he could think of. What about the beer baron episode? What about the one the goes through everyones day from their point of view, all converging on lisa science fair project? Where is the medicial marijuana episode? That would probably be voted #1 if people were polled. I would not vote for than one personally but everyone else would. How about Mr.Plow? Who Shot Mr. Burns? They left a lot of episodes off this list that should not have been

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