Week of 3/29: Ten Things We Can't Wait For! - Featured

Some of the events we are eager for on this week's television:

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency bows on HBO! I've never read the books and am not necessarily eager for another detective-themed series, but it's airing on HBO (counts for something, right?) and in the very least offers some specular African cinematography.

Tricia Helfer on Chuck! Battlestar Galactica may be gone (sobs), but at least you can check out Six herself on this week's new Chuck as an agent sent to evaluate Sarah's performance. I sense an impending girlfight...and how good has Chuck been lately?!

Greek returns to ABC Family! Dare I say that sometimes I find myself enjoying Greek more than Gossip Girl? Since the two shows will now air against each other...some tough viewing decisions will have to be made on which one gets watched first! Look for the Casey and Frannie feud to escalate, as Frannie launches her new competing ZBZ sorority, IKI.

Mos Def on House! With no new House last week, you'll mos definitely want to watch this week's all new episode, which includes a guest starring turn from none other than Mos Def as a man "Locked In" his own body; he is conscious, but cannot move or communicate.

My Boys Season 3 Premieres on TBS! I wasn't completely enthralled with some of the more recent episodes of My Boys (I think it has gotten itself stuck in the "will they/won't they conundrum" and needs to find a way to elevate itself), but the show still remains charming...especially for a TBS sitcom that I never expected much from originally.

90210 finally returns with new episodes! It has been far too long of a hiatus for The CW's only new show this season that resembles a hit..and they've been teasing us with these Fast and the Furious-style previews for far too long. This is the first of 8 new episodes.

Cupid 2.0 premieres on ABC! It's a bold move to remake a series that failed a few years ago, and I am not necessarily convinced that it will fare any better this time around...but Cupid comes from Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars), so I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Life on Mars ends! It started off looking like a surprise hit for ABC, but ratings fizzled week by week until like so many other ABC dramas this season, Mars received the axe. At least it was given enough notice to film a proper finale, which airs this Wednesday night.

ER says goodbye after 15 seasons! Even if you lost touch with ER a few seasons ago (much like myself), for nostalgia sake alone, you'll want to tune in for the show's series finale. It's an all night event beginning with a retrospective, followed by a 2 hour episode.

CBS Thursday lineup is in tact! For you non-March Madness fanatics, you'll be pleased to know that Thursday night is back in tact this week on CBS after many changes due to basketball. Survivor: Tocantins, CSI and Eleventh Hour are all new and airing in their correct time slots.

What are you most excited for this week?


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Apr 2, 2009 2:24PM EDT

I can't believe ER is finally over! I remember the George Clooney days :) Such a good show! Fancast has listed the top 5 ER moments-

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