Prom Night

Prom Night in March? Sadly, this is the reality in the case of one of my new guilty pleasures (since I fear I'm just a little bit too old for it), Kyle XY. Last night was the show's second season finale, which culminated in the very much-hyped throughout the season prom.

The episode begins with Kyle doing some killer foreshadowing. He narrates, "Was it wrong to have faith that things could turn out well?" This obviously means yes.

So Kyle sure has come a long way since the beginning of the show, where he woke up naked in the middle of a forest without any belly button or clue about social norms. He's practically like any other teen (except that "his brain is more developed than other people's", as he later tells Amanda in quite the romantic fashion), obsessing over the minutia of prom.

Well, almost like every other teen. Kyle uses his overdeveloped brain to research every aspect of prom. He starts off by watching Prom Night (the classic horror flick, though ABC Family rather conspicuously sneaks in the trailer for what looks like a god awful remake of Prom Night immediately following the episode's end). He also mentions Priscilla's Prom - a book that I have never heard of - perhaps another clue that I am too old for this show (or perhaps it is a fake; a search on Amazon reveals nada for me). With all of Kyle's prom research, I actually found it kind of strange that Josh had to explain to him about the whole "sex on prom night" cliche. At any rate, Kyle's research results in him being a hilarious encyclopedia of prom facts for the remainder of the episode (such as "it happens at 68% of all proms" - on the frequency of the punch bowl being spiked).

The entire episode pretty much revolves around the prom and nothing more (except for one tear-inducing moment where he tells Nicole that, "Adam created me - but YOU are my family").

Over at the school pre-prom, we get to witness the always whiny Amanda suffering with the prom decorations. Why they would put such a boring human being who lacks any personality or creativity whatsoever in charge of the prom is beyond me. Never fear though, because Kyle saves the night with some rapid crayon pointillism (an entire wall's worth, in fact, which he crafts in a mere three minutes' time).

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