Sora No Otoshimono Forte Episode #03 Anime Review

Sora no Otoshimono Forte has been fun in its first two episodes as it's played heavily with fanservice and silliness in a way that really worked well for me. The cast of characters is pretty fluffy in general and it plays well with being over the top. The third episode starts off just as odd and silly as other episodes, but it unfortunately plays heavy in a wrestling series of gags for awhile that left me feeling pretty cold. It does run with the dirty level rather well though as Tomoki, wearing a mask, manages to feel up the female participants very easily and with some success before everyone turns against him.

Because of the whole wrestling concept, it's all about the various characters getting involved in the matches with their wacky pro-wrestling names and costumes. And with Tomoki playing the masked warrior well under the named Masked Dupants, it showcases all the various ways the girls act and how their quirks come out even when they're playing like this. Tomoki's nature, even in his chibi form as he's in for most of this, only adds to the surreal nature of it while making it cute and cuddly at the same time. Everything builds towards that one big match with the finalists when Mikako arrives on the scene in a full on cowgirl outfit that's definitely sexual and flies against the way Tomoki looks in his costume.


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