Fortune Arterial Episode #02 Anime Review

The first episode of the series looked to be a pretty standard tale of a young man coming back to a school he attended years ago while transferring around and attempts to put down some roots for awhile. With it being an elite academy of sorts and very well regarded, it has all the hallmarks of a series of this nature with beautiful characters, lush settings and a calm peaceful atmosphere occasionally broken up by a few rambunctious moments by some of the more outgoing characters and colorful misunderstandings. And then it threw us a little vampire curve in the final minute or so of that episode which likely caught you off guard. This episode sort of plays out the same for the most part which is both frustrating and fascinating.

Kohei's arrival and the incidents of that first episode have certainly made him popular and there's even an amusing moment during the opening ceremony where the student council vice president, Erika, calls him out pretty openly for some of what happened with the baths. Having that happen has certainly given him a name in the school and one of his new friends even comments that he'll not have to introduce himself at all to anyone for the rest of the school year. Much of the episode focuses on his hanging out with people, getting adjusted to the place and his surroundings. As an introduction to the school, it's pretty minimal as we only see a few areas but it does have its appeal. A good part of it is spent with the dorm manager, Kanade, who is far too excitable and cute as she causes plenty of trouble. The perky young looking types always seem to play out the same way.

Fitting into the social structure is a bit of the focus as well as Kohei gets along with those he knew from before, such as Shiro and Kiriha, while also dealing with the vice president who definitely casts him a very cold shoulder. Thankfully, Kohei isn't a social introvert or an annoying person with odd tastes, but rather just your average guy who is easily to get along with. Of course, that causes problems as well since people feel at ease with him and that means others can feel threatened or concerned by their associations with him. And through these connections we start to see more of the real balance of power in the school, especially when it comes to Erika and the way she is so careful with Kohei. The touches of vampirism that are brought in, the flashback to the previous episode, all give it a very chilling feeling, but one that's played very carefully and minimally at the moment and that can be frustrating.


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