Cross Game Episode #28 Anime Review

Competition is something that can most definitely inspire people and bring out the best in them. Ko has been playing well for awhile as a pitcher and he's definitely getting one of the faster balls in the high school circuit, but he hasn't been truly challenged for the most part. There have been minor things along the way, but after the recent episode that had them toying with the other team, it's been apparent that he's not faced anyone that has given him a run for his money. The game against Ryuou has had the Seishu team stepping up their game a bit and it's gotten more intense as the innings go along. Now towards the end, with a one run lead over Ryuou, the game is becoming tense as it really does come down to the ability of the pitchers.

Because of this situation, Ko has thrown some of the best pitches of his career so far and even Nakanishi is impressed by it as he's feeling them hit his glove. With the lead they have, Ko has to make sure they don't make any gains while when they switch sides, the Ryuou pitcher has to do the same to ensure that no new bases are covered or runs scored. There's a lot riding on each pitch and while there's intense pressure on each batter, the pitchers control the fate of the game when it comes down to it. Even Aoba is really impressed by it all but she tries to get her head wrapped around it when she mostly knows Ko as the guy who never dresses well and has a very messy room. It's a bit childish, but when she sees him doing so amazingly well and is rooting for him, it's how she keeps herself grounded with it.

Naturally, the game is tense throughout even if it does seem to go on a bit longer than it should. There's plenty of strategy to be had with them taking on each of the batters and how the pitcher wants to handle it. And we do get some extra commentary here and there from those observing and even some of the players which helps to move things along fairly well. The focus is largely kept on just a small number of players though and that helps to personalize it nicely. Ko comes out the best I think as he seems to get more and more into the game as it progresses and there's an excitement to him just under the surface that's very engaging to watch.


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