Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #02 Anime Review

While the first episode was confusing, it did play to some things that I liked and reminded me, loosely, of CLAMP School Detectives. Having enjoyed Detective Conan for so long with a diminutive lead and this one playing a touch along that as well from a design perspective, there was a certain visual appeal as well. Detective groups aren't exactly a weakness, but there are so many fond memories across numerous series, including Super Gals, that I'm more than willing to give a show a chance to get things going, especially if it does want to play things oddly. This one certainly did so by taking the most popular of detective girls in a detective academy and weaken them from the start by eliminating their Toys that they use in their jobs and put them on the outside of the social structure because of it.

Because of their lack of Toys, the group also finds themselves on the bottom order of just about everything else, including the quality of their desks in class as the undersides are covered in mushrooms. The stress of it all is getting to the girls as well and they're fighting a lot more now about even the little things and that only causes more problems. The way they're acting only puts them more on the outs with everyone and because of their self centered and whiny attitudes, when some bread is stolen, they're the ones accused of doing it. And naturally they end up incriminating themselves and learning in the end that it is their fault as the new cat that they had befriended is the one that did it. With visions of said cat, named Fish Paste, being sent off in a most cruel and unusual way, seeing the girls take the blame for it is an obvious point.

There's a whole lot of drama over this as Cordelia takes the blame for it so that Fish Paste is safe. Unfortunately, stealing is truly in the wrong in this academy and her admitting to it has her ready to be expelled over it. This gets the remaining trio of girls investigating again which is part of the point of it as they needed to get back on the wagon and realize that they can do a lot of this without their Toys. Of course, they may consign a poor little cat to a terrible life, at least through the eyes of young girls who see the world differently, but the realizations they make over the incident helps them to start figuring out what's been going wrong in their lives lately and how poorly they've handled it.


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