Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional Episode #04 Anime Review

Andoh is in trouble, as his shop is hemorrhaging customers and he's out of ideas about what to do. Ichigo, ever the nice, and naive, girl, wants to help him out, but he refuses, as he (properly) notes that this is something he has to fix for himself. Of course, Andoh pushes himself far too hard trying to come up with a winning idea, driving himself to the point of exhaustion. Of course, he collapses. Fortunately for him, Caramel was there and able to get help (from someone who could see her, obviously).

Of course, Ichigo naively offers kind words, while Johnny and Kashino offer direct and necessary criticism. And who would have thought that it would be Johnny that would be the mouthpiece for industry this episode, giving us a dissertation on "chance loss" and "disposal loss," two actual business concepts? Well, it would not have been me, considering he is the same character who earlier in the episode took Ichigo for a motorcycle ride, claiming "everyone in his country" had a motorcycle.

Where is mine? I would really like to know, so I could sell it and buy some more DVDs.

That idiocy aside, Andoh's grandfather comes along and tells Andoh that if he can't understand the feelings of those who support him, he might as well just close up his shop now. Even Caramel gets on his case about his refusal to accept help from others, as he is determined to do things completely on his own. Of course, the episode ends with a rally around the loser...I mean rally around their friend heartwarming moment. We even have the reappearance of an old friend. So, we learn about minimizing your losses while operating (which, by the way, was common sense before business schools tried to make it more complicated than it is), as well as the importance of teamwork and being able to rely on those under you to help support you in your endeavors.

So, it appears that introducing business concepts is going to be the main focus for this entire season. While I am sure that that will appeal to some in the audience, I find it a great let down from the fun atmosphere of the original series, which focused on the sweets. At least for the moment, the annoying bickering between the members of Team Ichigo lessened some extent, though not really enough to make this show more palatable.

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