Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #03 Anime Review

After the reputation that Milky Holmes gained for awhile as the best of the best, the loss of their Toys and subsequent inability to really carry out investigations has earned them a lot of payback. Many see it as a chance to get even with them and score some points off of them while others just revel in their unhappiness. One of the competing groups led by Kokoro has decided to really mess with them by offering them a way of rediscovering their Toys. Taking place in a museum, she puts them through the paces since they want to believe so hard that it'll happen that they'll do an ancient style Twister game. A game that puts one of them in a very naughty position that belies that idea that this show may be just for the kids.

With Arsene and her group having made public their intent to do a little thieving in the museum, everyone is a bit on edge over it even though all the girls want to get their Toys back. The Venus of Hama is the big target and unsurprisingly, like any good Arsene named thief, they're able to get it out of there and start the chase. The Milky Holmes crew does not come off well at all here since they're either in a panic about a supposed ghost or continuing to cry about their lack of Toys. Kokoro and her group manage to come across better but it's only because the Holmes group is just so awful to watch when they're like this. They're so distraught by the lack of Toys on hand to do the kind of sleuthing that they've done before that their focus on getting them back overrides what they can actually do otherwise. And they just look so awfully childish doing it.

In fact, the girls come across even worse after the halfway mark. When Arsene's group returns the fake Venus that they stole, they freeze all the police that are still guarding the museum. The girls end up returning there since Elly ran there after feeling bad about not getting their Toys back through Kokoro's scam. The girls actually wonder why the police are all asleep, since it makes it easier for them to get in, and they wonder how they're able to fall asleep standing up in the middle of open spaces. It's the kind of throwaway gag you expect but it just paints the girls as being terribly, terribly stupid. It'd be one thing if they just ran through and noted it, but to make comments like this just takes them down a few dozen notches. Trying to put together how impressive they supposedly were once with how they are now is practically impossible outside of it all being pure, dumb luck.

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