Princess Jellyfish Episode #02 Anime Review

When social introverts have to deal with things outside of the norm, it can be a problem. A severe problem. One that goes so far as to push them over the edge, legitimately so, since it's outside of their area of experience and when they happens they panic. Tsukimi's discovery of the Stylish woman actually being a man has thrown her completely and it's made even worse when he showers there and is a Very Pretty Man in fact. What makes it even worse in a way is that he makes a great woman as well with one hell of a hip swing to him when he walks. And he likes the kind of chaos he's found at the apartments and wants to come back again to spend some time with Tsukimi and meet the others.

The focus of this episode is the big hot pot party they throw as a group that helps to reinforce their bonds of friendship. It's an amusing group event even before the actual party when they do things like going shopping. Such a distinctive group to be sure with their almost unkempt style and grungy ways. It's not that they're dirty, but they go with such bland and almost bleak colors that they stand out more so than if they dressed what you would call normal. It's more distinct in a group though since when they're all together, it's like this wide band of grays with messy hair and downcast faces. If you can even see much of their faces with all the hair covering them.

The science of the introverts here, as told cutely by Ciara, is priceless. With Stylish making herself more than welcome in the party, Ciara shows how they all react to different levels of interaction by a Stylish person. They're all adorable in their own way and I'm sure a lot of people will find similarities themselves, including myself from quite a few years ago when I once was like that. Tsukimi's a bit over the top in how she tries to get rid of him/her and the rest of them are desperate to get rid of her as well since she's so overly friendly and nice to them. The breakdown of the apartment dwellers in this situation really is priceless to watch, especially since so much of it is familiar to various friends I've had over the years.

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