Sora No Otoshimono Forte Episode #05 Anime Review

After getting a bit back on track in the previous episode with a fun act of war between the boys and girls that had a good bit of fanservice, Sora no Otoshimono Forte adds more of those kinds of elements while also bringing in more of the overall plotline of the season. A good bit of background is brought in as we get to know a bit more about Synapse from a fly-by in the dream world of Tomoki, which is far more expansive than it was originally seen. Sugata and Mitsuki manage to do some exploring in this world and it's pretty neat from a visual design with lots of greens and water flowing across numerous platforms in the sky.

While that area does give the show some calm moments, calm is not something that you would normally think of with this series. And calm goes out the window fairly early on when an object comes crashing down where Tomoki and the others are doing a bit of fishing after finding Astrea there. When he takes it home, he just starts shaking it around figuring it must be something perverted, and he certainly comes up with creative dreams of how to use it with women, and he even ends up naked while playing with it. Tomoki is very, very different from other male characters but he's definitely not far from how many men act at this age. What it leads to though is definitely not what I would have expected from the start but it most assuredly is exactly the kind of thing that Tomoki would create and utilize to further his dreams of sex and perversion. And I have to admire the man for that.

The exploration of Synapse and the dream associated with it of Tomoki's really is engaging. With Sugata and Mitsuki walking through it and discovering that it's filled with Angeloids, especially in the Sorami city they walk through, it adds another sliver of the mystery to all of it. Mitsuki even notes that it's like something out of science fiction when they move to the place where the Angeloids are gathering and it adds a wonderful little dose of otherworldliness to all of it. Sugata's investigation leads to larger hints about the nature of Synapse, and he's rather bold with some of it, but what amuses me is the way he's so on top of things and sets it all up so he and Mitsuki can escape easily. There's a lot of neat little hints here, some which may be obvious since I haven't seen the first season, that makes the show much larger than it would be otherwise.

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