Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #04 Anime Review

When a second grader named Aileen goes missing behind the Holmes academy in the Yokohoma Forests, the girls are all set to go help and search. There's a large search underway by authorities already and Kokoro and her group are there to help, though you have to admit that it's hard to see bringing in amateur detectives on the scene so quickly. Or that once things settle down a bit, the 'toyless wonders' chew through the ropes that were binding them and head in to the forest as well to help out. The quartet is intent on making their name good again so they want to help, but their motivations seem to be less about finding the missing child than it is to just do good of any kind to get back on track.

With the two groups out in the woods, never mind the massive search party that we pretty much don't see for most of it, it's inevitable that there's a lot of walking around and pointless missed side stories where they have no luck finding the girl. What naturally happens is that both Kokoro and Sheryl end up getting separated from their friends, though a comedy of errors and moles of course, which leads them to finding Aileen deep underground. The question then comes, can these two very different yet similar women who dislike each other actually work together to try and find their way out and and save the day? Things are telegraphed far too easily here but it's not a surprise in the slightest.

A lot of the show is pretty much filled with random things that sort of loosely connect but in a way that's not meant to flow well. On the outside, the girls get caught up by the villains and end up stuck inside a prison with lots of bananas that they gobble up. Kokoro and Sheryl find themselves trying to figure out how to get out of the underground cavern they're stuck in but they flesh it out with a subplot about the girl looking for treasure to save her dads business before it goes bankrupt. A treasure she has. Their journey on the outside is just strangely done as they haven't a clue where to go and Aileen is more self assured than they are, which again does not paint students from the Academy in a positive light. The trend of making the girls on both groups look bad, incompetent and like people you wouldn't want to hang out with continues. I'm still hard pressed to find anyone I actually like here.

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