Otome Yokai Zakuro Episode #05 Anime Review

One of the things that most shows get to do at some point is to allow the characters to dress up a bit compared to how they usually are. Whether it's a costume party or just something formal, if not a holiday, they get to step out of their regular clothes. With Otome Yokai Zakuro, they get a bit creative with it as the group is assigned to a mission involving a spirit that's causing trouble at parties where young women are being taken advantage of and spirited away. For the ladies of the Ministry of Spirit Affairs, they get to go to quite the little Western shindig in all their European finery when it comes to their clothes. Hair done up, a nice layer of elegance about it all and the men in their dress uniforms gives us all the hallmarks of a proper outfit bit of fanservice.

When it comes to the bonds that tie the characters together, there's a nice scene that starts off not so nicely as Zakuro is accosted by a couple of senior military officers who end up hazing her, a policy which is strictly not allowed. It's an interesting moment as she has to play nice since they are part of the same overall organization, but she doesn't want to be taken advantage of. It's a strange sight to see her worried and not quite scared. When Kei steps in to rescue her from it in a civil way, so as to not embarrass anyone too awful much, her reaction is very surprising to both the viewer and Kei as it's a moment of her not being as strong as she almost always presents herself as. It's another moment in the softening of the feelings between the two with their issues, one that's definitely adding to a growing number of them.

The actual spirit aspect of the story only really comes into play towards the end, which is unfortunate since it could be quite the creepy one if it's used a bit more than it is. The spidery elements give it a creepy feel and definitely fits in with the nature of the responsible spirits acts and social stylings. What is appreciated is that it does shift some of the burden outside of Zakuro and Kei and onto others to deal with. While we've had some group efforts on it before, going this route helps to bolster things a bit with Ganryu taking a bit of the lead, as best as he can, while the twins provide the additional support. The visuals for it sell it quite well when it gets rolling and really does a nice job of bring it all together in a fairly non-traditional way.

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