Bamboo Blade Part 1 UK Anime DVD Review

I'm familiar with a number of sports series, in particular ones which follow a formula of creating a team from scratch to challenge the country's best. Ones such as Princess Nine and Eyeshield 21 work the formula well, whilst others for me like Suzuka, don't. I was wondering how Bamboo Blade would fair especially as I felt Princess Nine was untouchable in being the best sports anime out there.

Turns out it may have a new challenger to the throne.

The story starts with the school and kendo teacher Kojiro, of Muroe High, a typical single man who have money (and food) worries and seems to slack at his job teaching the only kendo student, a bright and pretty girl named Kirino due to it, being very relaxed. However, things change when a bet is made with his old friend and upperclassman Ishibashi, who is also a kendo teacher at a school. The bet '" if Kojiro can make a team of 5 girls who can team a 5 girl team of his, then he will treat him to a year's worth of Edo style sushi at his father's restaurant. If Kojiro loses, then he has to give him a trophy that Kojiro won back in this youth by beating Ishibashi in the final of a national kendo tournament.

Can you say incentive?

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