One Piece Episode #170-182 Anime Review

As the Skypiea arc rolls along, it's definitely one that feels like One Piece overall but it can be a bit tiring in a way. The story in Skypiea has introduced us to a lot of interesting places and ideas that don't fit into the Blue Sea world we've been exposed to and that's a positive since it has the dials, the clouds and some different religions and factions at work here. Everything before back in the Blue Sea had something that tied it to the rest but this definitely feels like a place that took a different evolutionary path, social and naturally, over time. Where it's felt terribly familiar is that the Straw Hats get separated fairly easily and they go off on their own adventures that eventually connect back with everyone else, several of which at a key time. Even worse is that Luffy seems to get shunted to a goofy side piece where he spends most of his time walking the length of a giant snake. It simply feels fillerish.

What's defined a large part of this set is that Eneru has really gotten his game on and is working down the eighty plus people that are in the upper realm that he intends to eliminate. A great many of them have and there are under thirty left, including all our favorites and several of the Shandian's we've gotten to know. There's a strong continuing battle going on here between them as Eneru shows them up easily and regularly using his lightning based abilities and nature. He's obviously faster than anyone else and being an energy being at this stage, hence calling himself a god, he's able to regenerate with no problem. He's a cruel god though as he strikes down his opponents in a way that chars them. And as the trap closes in on everyone, he even takes down Laiki in front of Wyper, which just sets him all the more on the path to eliminating this god.

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