Sora No Otoshimono Forte Episode #07 Anime Review

Sometimes a simple visual moment can really set the tone of the series. While the show starts off dark with some tidbits about the second generation angeloids and their potential ability to dream, which suggests how far they've come but also how dangerous, what really gets you in the mood for the episode is after the opening. And that's having Sugata sitting by the river fishing only to reeling in Astrea, hook in mouth, yanking her out of the water, with her practically enjoying the whole scenario. While she's simply intent on teaching him a lesson, her strange ways and just the look of her as she's being yanked out is positively hilarious to watch.

This episode has a bit of a fun focus in general, which isn't a surprise when the episode title has the word watermelons in it. That means it could either be very pervy or just food comedy oriented. Or both, knowing this series. Ikaros' love of watermelons is one of the main themes to it wherein Astrea and nymph ends up gobbling down the whole field of them that Ikaros has worked hard to grow. When she shows up afterward, they panic in trying to come up with a solution, which leads to some magic that creates massive intelligent tentacle oriented watermelon monsters. Just that concept alone is silly enough to work here since it lets them have fun with weird creatures for a bit and sneak in some nasty tentacle action in a PG-13-ish way. Similar to the earlier piece, it's the kind of random comedy that I do find very appealing with this show when it wants to go this route. And seeing Ikaros' calm and collected solution to it all is even more amusing to watch since she plays the straight man.

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