Squid Girl Episode #06 Anime Review

As Squid Girl reaches the halfway mark, I can almost feel that it's reaching the point where some of its charms are just about ready to start wearing off. The previous episode ended with what I think will be one of the high points of the series with the little Squid Girl as a pet that lives for 150 years and never gets all that big. It was highly enjoyable, cute and endearing and shows some real solid work by the creative staff. But after that, can it really get back to that kind of high? Thankfully, the show is definitely still fun and this is another enjoyable episode, but it's a touch lacking.

The three skits certainly capture a variety of situations for Squid Girl to deal with. The opening one starts off a bit slow as she gets to see a stage show, but when it involves an educational demon squid coming out of the ocean to teach people the evils of polluting the ocean, she's all ears. Except that the squid demon is the bad guy so he has to get soundly defeated. With a group of Oni doling out the attacks, there's no surprise when she steps in to take over and it all goes chaotic as the two sides fight against each other. What saves it is that even though they're simple action sequences, they're very well animated and really do keep you engaged to see what will happen.

Squid Girl does hit on an interesting area in this episode where it's discovered that she's able to figure out pretty highly advanced mathematical problems without even knowing what the word math means. While Eiko is struggling, she comes in and just breezes right past her. What's pointed out by the others though, and it makes sense, is that she does have something about her since she mastered Japanese after coming out of the ocean very easily and has tackled things just as easily. While certain social issues continue to elude her, she's surviving very well in Japan considering she hasn't a clue about anything, yet is able to process it easily. Naturally, all of it goes to her head in a big way and she even takes on a role of seniority to Eiko while trying to help her. Squid Girls personality shines through easily here with her superior than thou attitude.

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