Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #06 Anime Review

Milky Holmes has certainly found its own offbeat style of humor and pacing over the course of the first several episodes so you know pretty much what to expect with the rest of it. It's going to be odd, make little sense and abuses a bunch of annoying characters in ways that can leave you groaning in displeasure. Yet at the same time it manages to surprising parodies (yes, I'm still feeling stupidly happy about the Nasuicaa one) and it really surprises with how sexual it gets in the looks of the characters, positions and the humor when you least expect it. It's not a slutty show, but for something that looked like a kids show at first, it goes in very unexpected directions.

This episode brings us the foreign princess from the Marlow Kingdom who has come to town and lo and behold, she's an identical lookalike to Sheryl. And even worse for everyone involved, the princess knows all about Sheryl and her incredible reputation for being able to solve everything. Of course, it's hard to really reconcile that fact with the reality of the previous five episodes where the Sheryl we know is pretty much incapable of just about anything without her Toy, nor does she come across as someone who would have the reputation she has worldwide. Sheryl being who she is though after meeting her, agrees to the role swap so that Clara can go and enjoy something of an everyday life for a little bit since she's so restrained due to her position.

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