The World God Only Knows Episode #07 Anime Review

With one more episode focused on Kanon, I can't say that I'm entirely as thrilled with The World God Only Knows as I was for the first few episodes. Kanon's story has gone on too long for my tastes at this point for a character that I find a bit more one dimensional than normal as they deal with the whole idol singer who has lost things and friends because of her talent and the fact that she was noticed. I had hoped that after Keima worked his magic with her a bit in the previous episode, it'd be a small bit part at most with this episode, but instead they've really ratcheted up the drama with her.

Kanon's drama about herself has manifested in a way that has her seemingly talking to herself about how far she's come and how hard she's worked. But it's that discussion, and the way it looks from the outside, that's a concern as once again she goes all transparent. While Kanon has such a big, bright and outgoing personality for the world, she's fighting her inner demons pretty hard now and feels as though she's disappearing completely as she doesn't think she can entertain her fans. Her struggle certainly isn't an unusual one in its own way, where it comes down to feelings of disappointing others even when they've given no cause for concern at all, but the manifestation of it makes it worse since she could disappear from the world.

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