One Piece Season 3 Part 3 Anime DVD Review

When we last left our heroes, we saw the typical three ring circus with the crew briefly reuniting before separating again. This series begins with our gang once again dispersed throughout the island with their bumbling captain trapped inside of what he thinks is a cave, but is actually a giant snake. I can’t help but liken this collection to the previous as the story tends to drag onward with an anticipation of the penultimate fight between Luffy and Eneru. Lots of fights help bringing about a level of suspense as we get to see Chopper, Zoro, and Robin in action. The fights that take place do provide some much needed screen time for the three as they have been a bit left out in the story arc thus far. Conveniently, the writers put Sanji and Luffy into hospice as they receive a beating by Eneru. This means that they are virtually nonexistent in this collection of episodes. So, no whining from Usopp about having to fight the Shandorians, sky island animals, or Eneru and his priests. That also means you will not get any gushing over Ponis, Nami, and Robin by Sanji. Some of the big highlights of this collection surround Zoro as it seems like he is fighting just about everyone. He takes on Braham, which proves to be an interesting matchup. Braham manages to rough up Zoro pretty good, nailing him with a gunshot wound to the leg. Nevertheless, Zoro keeps on fighting as he takes on Ohm at the upper yard and ultimately Eneru.

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