Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #08 Anime Review

Axel talks to the mysterious woman behind the "Whiskey" group, as he gets accustomed to life on the other side of whatever dimensional gate he used. He cannot let go of his hatred for Beowulf, even though he is told that Kyousuke Nanbu is not exactly the same as Beowulf. Still, Axel vows to defeat him, even though it looks like events are about to repeat themselves in this world.

As if I was not confused enough by the cast of thousands, now the action moves to space, where a jump pattern was detected near the L5 star, the White Star base. There, Federation analysis teams are working on some ruins, finally opening a long sealed door. They think they are going to find the lost technology of the Aerogaters, but at that moment, someone else attacks, destroying the flagship of the fleet guarding the L5 star. The EFA base at Langley is also monitoring attacks, as high altitude weapons are being unleashed upon the Earth. Then, the base is attacked itself, forcing the commander to abandon his post and take refuge on the Shirogane, which was docked there for repairs. The enemy are extremely powerful, overcoming the Federation's weapons with ease. Their identity is still not known.

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