Samurai Girls Episode #08 Anime Review

The threat facing the girls in the form of Sen's older brother is growing and they've come to the point where they have to make some serious decisions. He's due back in a week from Paris and both Sen and Sanada have decided that they need to be fully committed to dealing with what's coming their way. So they inform the rest of the girls that if they don't want to be involved, they need to get out of the dojo as they'll be in danger otherwise and they can't deal with any distractions. Of course, to fully participate they have to go through the kiss process with Muneakira since they need as many people as they can with the powers that come from said kiss.

With some of them being fairly stressed about this whole aspect for a bit, the three non-kissed girls have to figure out just how far they want to go. It's an interesting problem to have and there's a lot of cuteness in watching Naoe in particular trying to decide which embarrassment is more difficult for her to suffer through. There's some basic societal issues going on there, but the jealousies rage as well. Which gets even worse when yet another woman literally drops down from the sky just like Jubei did. Yet this girl, with an eye-patch, has Jubei up in arms and being much more forceful than usual that she must absolutely not kiss her, even though the situation seems perfectly ripe for it.

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