Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode #08 Anime Review

Panty & Stocking are acting as police chiefs for a day over in Romero Town when a new breed of zombie Ghosts comes attacking, and the sisters have to get scrappy when their normal Divine attacks don't work. Later, Panty & Stocking are put through a televised trial for the murder of a Ghost, with the viewers at home acting as their jury. Their extra-crude behaviour doesn't win them any mercy from said jury and the lawyer they choose turns out to be a monkey. Are they going to be able to prove their innocence..?

I'll give them one thing - the girls don't hold back on the language in the first segment of this week's show. Although "fatherf**ker" was a new one on me. The zombies theme is fertile territory these days, with Highschool of the Dead being anime's most recent contribution, but P&S as usual looks west for its inspiration and has the girls holed up to withstand the zombie hordes - first in a police station, and then... well, given the straight choice between a gun store and a sex shop, where do you think Panty & Stocking would end up..?

Part two provides the strangest trial I've ever seen, with its style of mob justice being something the likes of Running Man would wholeheartedly approve of. But it's not paying homage to Arnie - instead, is Phoenix Wright lawyering and a pair of guest stars that Nickelodeon viewers would have been very familiar with ten years or so ago that get set in the show's sights.

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