Rainbow Episode #22 Anime Review

Scam's descent into the world of love has left him crushed, humiliated and at a loss when it comes to his friends and family as he has pushed them away and taken advantage of them. While his love of Eri is true, there's a good chance a lot of it is just first time infatuation and lust gone overboard since it's pushed him to such an extent. But even a most basic of loves that he could feel, accented by all of that, combined by the way he sees her being with other women would certainly push him even further. To find someone you love, that you want to be with as much as possible, and yet know that she's trapped in such a situation and pleasures other men would be too much for most men to handle.

Seeing Scam having to go through such things only to see it go even lower after Eri says she'll meet with him but doesn't is positively heartbreaking. He's done his best to turn things around since getting out of the reformatory since he found brothers in life there that showed him a better way, but living what he thinks is the right life hasn't worked. When it's just Turtle that shows up, someone that he really laid into in his own way before, it just strikes him all the harder and makes it much sadder to watch. The one person he wronged the most is the one that is still there for him and does his best to take care of him afterward since he gets quite ill from waiting in the rain. The bonds of these young men continue to be the strongest point of the series as they find their new paths in life and seeing Scam still connected to them even after what he did is incredibly heartwarming.

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