Bleach Episode #298 Anime Review

With the last few episodes, they've been mildly creative in bringing out footage from the past as a way to pad things out a bit. Using the look back in time to the beginning to show how Aizen was manipulating events made sense, though I had wished for a bit more nudging in new animation to show him involved in it in a more direct manner. While Bleach did decently with that, they've had a few other full on filler episodes that played a bit in the meta form with the show that have worked well. This episode takes a break from the main storyline to deal with an amusing issue that's a bit out of sync with the story at hand.

Because of the numerous battles fought around Seireitei over the course of the series, funds for repairs are dangerously low. In order to fill the coffers a bit, it's decided that the Thirteen Guard Captains will put out a movie using people that they know. Amusingly, it's called Bleach Movie 4, which has Ichigo wondering what the hell that is all about. Ichigo for his part does note that the reason they use so much of their funds for repairs is because many of the Soul Reapers in the Soul Society pay so little attention to their surroundings when they attack that they tend to cause more of the damage than anyone else. Of course, filming in Seireitei may not be the best idea since it's just going to add more damage. Particularly when Kenpachi is involved in this and is excited to be able to cut down so many people.

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