Taisho Baseball Girls Complete Collection Anime DVD Review

Based on the light novel series by Atsushi Kagurasaka, Taisho Baseball Girls is a historical sports series that plays up the slice of life angle to good effect. Clocking in at twelve episodes, which could be told in a movie form easily enough as an afterschool special of sorts, it's a very charming, simple piece that really does shine in its own way. A coming of age story at a time when the world was changing gives it all a proper back drop, and while some of it pushes the bounds of believability a bit, it achieves its goals easily enough and really does delight. The Westernization of Japan at this stage is an interesting period in Japan since it's very much full of social conflict. Lots of the younger generation see so much ahead of them and lots of options but they're being held back by some of the previous generation or two who don't see some of these things as positive changes. The series focuses on a group of junior high school girls who are caught up in the midst of this with Koume as the primary character. She's your typical good girl who wants to make some of these advances but her father won't let her wear the school uniform as he wants her to stay traditional with the kimono. It's a small piece overall, but symbolizes easily some of the issues that many of her age are facing in 1925. Koume ends up finding herself in an even more difficult position through a friend though. Akiko has decided to start a girls baseball team at the all girls school they attend after a young man she knows, a baseball player at another school, holds the opinion that women should just deal with housework. This just sets her off and she intends to show him up by starting a team that will take him down a peg. Her pleading gets Koume on board rather easily, not that she realizes it at first, and starts them on the path of getting the other seven players they need so they can form a proper team.

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