One Piece Episode #477 Anime Review

As the Marineford battle has gone on, one of the things I like similar to Impel Down is that Luffy is not an overpowered character like some of the Admirals or Warlords and can take a beating. Granted, he does keep on ticking, but he's slowed down repeatedly and faces people with powers that outclass him and have an immense amount of experience to back it up. He doesn't come in and suddenly trounce them instead. While he may have the devils own luck at times, it's his persistence that keeps him going more than anything else in his efforts to save Ace. Keeping the Marineford battle from focusing solely on him has helped as well so that he hasn't dominated the scene, making him seem more powerful than he is.

Not surprisingly, One Piece makes a bit of a diversion to the past with this episode, something it's done regularly in big arcs. With Garp becoming more involved in what's going on, his standing presence enough to slow down the pirate advance even a little, he tries to understand what Ace is going through up on the platform above him. Ace is feeling very emotional with all he sees and we get a look to his much younger days as a boy looking for Gold Roger and getting into fights like crazy, going out of control in the view of others. It's an important piece in Ace's history as we see things that defined him, especially whether he truly should have been born into the world. Seeing the people dying and in pain in front of him because of his situation calls all of that into question in a good way here.

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