Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #34 Anime Review

200 years ago, Niche and her twin sister were shunned as cursed by the residents of their hometown, and were eventually disposed of. Thrown into a river, with the most precious thing in the world, her sister, split apart from her, Niche's sister matured all on her own, and has lived together with the Maka ever since. When Niche finally encounters her, she has no memory of what happened, and instead protects Lag, a "human". Shocked by seeing her sister in such a state, she tries to kill both her sister and the other people. Lag tries to stop her, and shoots a shindan into her...

I'm kind of torn with this episode, to be honest. One the one hand, it's a good look into the past of Niche and her sister that continues the good character development that Niche started getting last episode, and that's no bad thing. On the other hand, it's so full on inconsistencies that it's hard to really get into it without all the little niggles building up and becoming overwhelming; and the way a lot of the story is told, there's a good case to be made to tagging is a clip-show / recap episode, especially in the way that it tries to explain Lag's feelings for Niche.

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