Samurai Girls Episode #09 Anime Review

The tension among the girls has been amusing as of late now that they've figured out what Muneakira creates through the pact and allowing them to become master samurai's upon kissing. There's a need to get the rest of the team on board with things and kiss him so they can be prepared for when Sen's older brother Yoshihiko arrives back from France. This is problematic since there are plenty of social issues with requesting a kiss even in this form. Gisen however has the best idea in that he should just demand the kisses because of his position and be done with it. Having her offer up her entire body for kiss practice is the icing on the cake.

Everything is all done in good fun at first, but things start turning more serious when Gisen determines that playtime is over and makes a drastic change to Muneakira's personality in order to further her own plans. Even worse is that there are people attacking the dojo and surrounding area in order to secure what Gisen is doing. It's intriguing that she's got a lot more planned here on her part but was willing to let the charade go on for awhile where Muneakira could kiss them one by one to make the pact. But events are moving forward in a way that really requires more assertive action in order to serve her general. And we get the really interesting revelation that if Gisen makes a pact with Muneakira, it'll eliminate the one he has with Jubei and return her to another state.

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