Cross Game Episode #34 Anime Review

With Cross Game being a fairly relaxed show, doing a New Years episode would seem to fall pretty easily into that category since it's all about being mellow and going through traditions, old and new. The show has small challenges along the way, such as picking up Azuma and having Ko delivering noodles in which he gets to have a bit of an amusing face off against Aoba over it, and these add to the overall feel of the show in a very positive way. It's the kind of things we all go through during holiday events in different ways yet feels entirely familiar. A lot of it is also compounded by the quiet nature of the show when it comes to how it utilizes music as well, since it often doesn't use any for scenes where other shows would put some in to try and keep your attention. Cross Game knows it has your attention.

Cross Game does jump around a bit to show others going through their lives, such as Senda who continues to be confused with someone else by the old men in the area, and Azuma goes back home for a brief time which is welcome. It's an awkward piece there as he really doesn't feel like he belongs there, but not because of anything in particular. His sense of self and presence is very subdued in general and the way he keeps his distance along with his personality has him seemingly disinterested in anything. The only thing that gets him is baseball though, and the chance to get in a few swings perks him up a little. It's interesting to see him in the home setting since he's really no different than he is with Ko and his household. You had to wonder whether he was more personable elsewhere or if this really is who he is with everyone.

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