Ghost Sweeper Mikami Collection 1 Anime DVD Review

Based on the thirty-nine volume manga series from Takashi Shiina which ran throughout the 90's, Ghost Sweeper Mikami is a forty-five episode series that plays heavily to the episodic supernatural comedy side with a healthy dose of pervertedness mixed into it. Prior to this set, all fans had was the movie that was released ages ago and that wasn't the best introduction to the show and felt like an odd choice to release. Sentai's gone back to the origins of everything though on the animated side with this series, not that there's really much to it, as it in classic comedy series style it basically drops you into it and adds a little before going into the formula. I mean, hell, just on the first disc alone we have an episode that has an exorcism in space. The series revolves around the modern day version of the classic supernatural exorcist being called Ghost Sweepers. Mikami has her own company that handles this though she's of course very money hungry and always charging outrageous rates that she never gets in order to do business. She's a penny-pincher to be sure as well when it comes to anyone other than herself, and that usually means it's her loyal assistant Tadao. This young man just can't catch a break in general when it comes to her and his position in the company since she uses and abuses him on a regular basis. The opening episode has them dealing with a ghost on the mountain that's causing trouble and it goes in a strange direction by having the man taking on the role of a mountain god and the female spirit now able to ascend to heaven. Yet she can't since she's been at it so long, so Okinu ends up working with Mikami as a spirit adviser.

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