Glass Mask Episode #29 Anime Review

Maya's life has been a rollercoaster for quite some time and she's climbed high compared to where she was at the start of the series. She's faced a number of challengers but the one who challenges her the most is herself. With the death of her mother and the revelations about who was involved in it, in a roundabout way, Maya's sunk to one of her lowest points yet and finds it difficult to perform on stage at all. Everything reminds her of her mother and her heart just sinks, causing her to lose her mask. But she's in a tight spot because of her contract with Daito that has her continuing to work for a man who was the root cause of her mothers death.

The challengers she's going to face is growing elsewhere as well, as we see a young woman squaring off in Camilla's Portrait where she upstages the star surprisingly easily. Child stars are difficult ones to gauge and Maria uses a lot of surprising subterfuge in her performance as Camilla by playing the character differently than in rehearsal, though more in the sense that she's being more emotive and involved in the character, putting on the mask the same way that Maya has done. It's such a surprise to other performers that it throws them off and even displaces the star of the show, something that the audience really gets into. It's a difficult spot for the lead though since she believes she's the star and dislike this happening, painting a similar picture to what some have felt around Maya.

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