Fortune Arterial Episode #09 Anime Review

The previous episode featured some really engaging material in having the student council group going after the mysterious vampire at night and it turning out to be Kuze. Having Eri deeply involved in the chase only to mess up and land in front of Haruna was a problem in itself, but it was also a bigger one since she had done a memory wipe on her in the past because of an incident. While Kuze wasn't exactly dealt with, things are tensely back to normal here with the student council members now trying to figure out exactly who Kuze's master must be since she's proclaimed herself to be a servant.

In between the more plot oriented moments, there is some time spent going through the slice of life angle of the series. The cultural festival is coming along soon and both Kouichi Erika are spending their time going about the town to meet and greet the businesses to try and get support. Considering the way the athletic festival went, it's little surprise that they get a lot of support from the people there, so much so that it's almost overwhelming in a way since it pushes the expectations on the kids a bit more. It's good to see both Erika and Kouichi working together on normal things in the midst of all the things going on here, since it allows them to get more comfortable with each other. Enough so that Kouchi can actually ask what a master/servant relationship is about with vampires.

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