Hetalia: World Series Episode #35-36 Anime Review

The partnership between Italy and Germany continues to be unusual but there's just such a good deal of fun about them. A small clip shows them watching outside of England's camp plotting what to do, but Germany can't really do anything since he has Italy with him and he knows that any plan will fail horribly with him around. Italy's not much help and in fact his time there with Germany has done nothing but draw attention to them by the English soldiers who wonder just what it is they're up to. Thankfully, even though the pair gets lost, Japan shows up to help out but is completely flummoxed by some of the more liberal European ways. Italy wearing just his jacket and nothing else makes for an uncomfortable Japan. And rightly so!

With this going back to the earlier days of World War II where Italy and Japan met for the first time, the opportunity for misunderstandings is grand. The group really is fun to watch since Italy so very much doesn't fit in with the other two. His light nature, inability to fight well and the desire to surrender easily is the opposite of the other two. The fact that he's always smiling while the others are either straight faced or grimacing makes him stand out all the more. So having him trying to get Japan to smile is an effort in futility. Of course, the fact that we do see him smile, sing and dance with Switzerland only makes it all the more bizarre. It may be a dream sequence but damn if it isn't a hundred percent hilarious to watch.

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