Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #10 Anime Review

Milky Holmes had an amusing episode in its own right last week as it brought out the ancestors of the modern day detectives and gave us a show that would have been more interesting than what we get on a regular basis. The all girls detective group who don't have their toys and come across as airheads isn't exactly the concept that I think they thought it would be on paper so when we got some rather smart people taking them over, the show took on a very different feel with characters that actually had amusing and engaging personalities. Personalities. Go figure.

As usual, the scenes involving the Gentleman Thieves seem to be the most interesting part of the show, as we see them in the midst of a heist with Arsene telling them they need to get their dignity back and start in on some really serious heists. It's one that they're definitely interested in as she plays with the illusion Toy, but it's still hard to see these guys as entirely serious from time to time with the way they can get just as bad as the girls. The way these girls interact with each other is different overall, since they're actually pretty snippy with each other at times, but the Thieves don't exactly get along all that well either a lot of the time, though they're at least bonded under Arsene.

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