Samurai Girls Episode #12 Anime Review

Samurai Girls has certainly had its ups and down as any harem series does, and the penultimate episode shook things up a bit more as well. Having Nia discover some emotionsl and become more than just a tool was interesting, as was seeing the fallout from it here as Yoshihiko went kind of nuts over it and insisted that he's not going to follow her orders. A lot of what he had planned has now gone awry because of Gisen's role in events as her plan, pushed forward by others, is now coming to fruition more. The push for the remaining girls to become master samurai becomes paramount at this point in order to deal with the fight that's about to roll on through the area.

There's actually a nice sense of coming together from all the girls at this point as they put aside a lot of what has caused division because of the need for the greater good. The small group that's ready to head into the battle proper, with the vines reaching out everywhere causing damage and fear, give off the properly epic feeling as they stand before it. A lot of what's carried this series has definitely been style over substance, but there's a good bit of substance under all the style that has helped to elevate it to something more. The relationship side has also been well handled as more and more of the girls have accepted Muneakira as their general and they his master samurai. Bringing all the pacts together and focusing on just a few of them here as they go into battle gives it the right kind of feeling, both as an action series and a harem series.

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