Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #11 Anime Review

Milky Holmes hit an interesting point in the previous episode where the girls had to go through their tests in order to continue on there, but without their toys they had no chance to really pass at all. With that having happened, the four of them are now off on their average everyday lives of working menial jobs and doing their best to get by. Some of the Gentleman Thieves are thrilled by this victory, but Arsene continues to have her much larger plan at work where she's trying to get the kids to go big and really live up to their reputations and ancestry. Or at least that's a seemingly plausible idea in that Henriette wants a real challenge to work against if not something else.

As the girls go about their lives, either being meager shrine maidens, working in a run down ramen shop in a slum or being a fortune teller, the Gentleman Thieves have really ramped up their efforts by going after bigger and bigger heists, resulting in quite a few weeks worth of hauls and news items about it. They're looking a bit more capable at this point, though it's still hard to believe Sherlock and her friends really were any kind of serious threat based on what we've seen of them to date. Henriette takes it a step further with a big event she sets up at the Grand Yokohama Gorge where a supposed innocent is going to die if someone doesn't come and save her. It's all a trap to try and get the Milky Holmes crew to really step up, but they're so screwed up at this point it's hard to believe they'd have the resolve to really get it all together.

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