Shiki Episode #21 Anime Review

The bloodbath that has become the village as the villagers deal with the Shiki that they've come across is astounding in its own way. After seeing the piles of bodies, the cold and cool ways they've eliminated the ones they've found, the next stage is here and that's treating it all as a chore. The opening sequence alone is chilling in its own right as the women lug the bodies around in the sacks to get them to where they need to be with such casualness. And when there's one that's still kicking, one young woman takes care of it like she's nailing down a loose tent flap while the others prepare for a tea break. That is the kind of chilling material that Shiki has presented so well these last few episodes.

The show has really whittled down the number of Shiki that are left out there and it seems like the only ones that are really left, outside of an a few small clusters or random ones, are Tatsumi and Sunako who are being protected in the hidden basement in the mansion by Seishin as he provides sustenance for them. The fear that Sunako has is pretty strong, yet controlled in a way, which makes her very susceptible to things. Seishin's tale of the past, which ties into events in the present as it plays out, is a fascinating piece of dark terror that he uses to keep Sunako's mind occupied. Even Tatsumi listens on, mostly because he has no choice, but he doesn't interrupt either or make much hay with it as Seishin tells his story.

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