Squid Girl Episode #12 Anime Review

Squid Girl had me a bit worried that at the end of its run, it would try to get all serious with some sort of storyline that would take over the whole episode and really change what has made it fun. Thankfully, Squid girl has decided to go out by being itself and that means odd kinds of silly fun involving Squid Girl getting into things that will bring her much gain. That means it kicks off with a beach tournament event where she and Eiko team up so they can win a brand new big screen 3D TV set.

And that has them going up against a lot of other familiar characters, from the kids who are always in the area to Cindy and the scientist assistant trio. Squid Girl herself may never have played before herself, but she has a lot of innate skill and even uses her tentacles to great effect. The challenges they face along the way are really amusing, from the scientist whose hand breaks upon smacking the ball because he's so frail to the robot design made by the South Wind duo who uses projected toothpicks to try and take them down. Of course, it all comes down to a match against the lifeguards who are out there doing their studly best, but there's a lot of fun little distractions and gags along the way as the game goes far longer and more intense than any other one. Things go a bit more over the top than usual, but the comedic effect of it is spot on, right up to Squid Girls interactions with the 3D TV itself.

While the show doesn't go overly serious, it does add an element that isn't a surprise as Squid Girl seemingly loses the power of her tentacles as they're now rather listless. She's been able to use them with ease for awhile as if they were they were just another hand or finger, but once she loses control of them and they just flop there, she's at a serious loss. Even worse, she's lost the ability to create the ink that has made her a key part of the restaurant as something they'd use in the food to spice it up some, which has Eiko being a bit snarky with her which in turn causes Squid Girl to wonder if it's time to leave and move on. She does rightly start thinking that in her mind, she has conquered this place and it may be time, but she's also hoping that everyone asks her to stay there.

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