the Garden of sinners: Chapter 4 - The Hollow Shrine Blu-ray Anime Review

the Garden of sinners takes an interesting turn with the fourth movie, entitled The Hollow Shrine, as it goes back in time to when Mikiya was in high school still with Shiki. It opens up to her being raced into the hospital, comatose and bloody, with Mikiya waiting patiently outside. For Shiki, her time is spent in a void inside her head as she deals with what's happened. For Mikiya, he continues to visit her regularly, bringing flowers each time, as he finishes out his high school life and then begins to work for Touko after accepting a job with her through a phone interview. Mikiya's life is moving on to the next phase, but there's a sense that he can't really do so until Shiki is back in the realm of the aware. But until then, he's doing his best to get things moving as best as he can. Shiki's recovery is interesting and certainly surprising to the medical staff as two years have passed. She doesn't remember much of anything from before and what she sees now is frightening to her. Her sight is normal but she sees ragged and jagged red lines across many things and people that flash brightly, leaving her confused and frightened. The combination of the two quickly pushes her over the edge and has the medical staff finding themselves incapable of helping her psychological recovery. Enter Touko to save the day, as she takes on the job of helping Shiki recover from her aphasia, though they both know that's not what's really going on. With Mikiya having been working for her for the last few years, Touko has figured out what's really going on as she reveals to Shiki that she's truly a magus and is there to help. Though it's not the magus abilities that Shiki needs, but rather the human connection as she's feeling empty. It's a brutal time for Shiki, but also for Mikiya as he's spent the last two years visiting constantly, so much so that the nurses continue to be very impressed by him and admire him greatly for it.

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