Return of Bastard Swordsman DVD Review

The film opens showing scenes from the first film including Dugu Wu Di of the Invincible Clan in his fight against Yun Fei Yang where Dugu believes he has killed Yun Fei and decides to go into a two year period of extreme isolation to train for his final mastery of the Fatal Skill. Yun Fei has actually found the hidden step to mastering Wudang’s Silkworm skill in defeat and saved the Wudang from a hidden poison within before leaving them and going into seclusion with his lover. During the period where both are absent a new threat emerges as the Ega Clan-a group of martial arts practitioners of the Phantom Skill from Japan- have invaded China to prove their skills are the best in the world lead by Mochitsuki Soryu Han. At this point Dugu returns from his training to discover the events that befell Wudang since he secluded himself to attain the tenth level of his skill. When he hears that Yun Fei still lives and has mastered the Silkworm skill he leaves to challenge him as he already had presented a challenge for that year in the previous film though when he arrives in force at the Wudang temple he finds Yun Fei is gone. The other practitioners at the Wudang temple persuade Dugu to wait seven days while they get Yun Fei back and Dugu agrees though he stipulates if Yun Fei does not return he will kill all in the temple instead and forbids anyone to leave. The Wudang then dispatch Yao Feng to track down Yun Fei so that he might avert disaster despite the edict.

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