Level E Episode #02 Anime Review

If there was a show this season that had low expectations just because of its source, Level E was probably it since it's based on a three volume throwaway manga nobody remembers from the mid 90's by someone who achieved fame through Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. Yet with the first episode, taking the older designs and making them slick with modern animation techniques, Level E ended up producing one of the most intriguing shows of the season by putting your average baseball player student who wants to go pro in a room with an alien with a real penchant for just the right kind of gags. Case in point: the true self he showed us in the first episode was actually that of his pet.

This episode plays up a couple of different angles that leads to a good bit of fun. Yukitaka finds himself coping with his mysterious guest going out on his own since he wants to explore the world he's in a bit more, but it's problematic because of the people associated with the laboratory where Miho's father works are out and about looking for him. Or for aliens in general as well. There's certainly an increased presence on Earth as it seems like specific prefectures are under different aliens' rule without out knowledge, as a trio have crashed landed only to learn that the prefecture they're in is controlled by the Disckonians and that has them in a panic. Interestingly, the aliens have a good look at first with some unusual designs, motions and voices to them, but they have a fun way of morphing into human mode in order to get around.

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