Jamie's Guy's Guide: A Cheat Sheet to All Those Girlie Shows Your Girlfriend's Watching

Calling all gentlemen of SideReel! Does your girlfriend ever try to engage you in conversation about her favorite shows, most of which you've never heard of, let alone give three $#*!s about? Do you ever find yourself almost tempted to (*gasp*) watch a couple of them, just for the sake of finding out what all the freakin' fuss is about, and so you actually understand at least 25% of what your girlfriend's gushing over? Well, fret not, boys. Jamie's here to give you a quick rundown of a few shows your girlfriend can't stop gabbing about, and with this "cheat sheet" of sorts you'll at least have some general background about those god-awful girlie shows like Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, and more. Click over to the video below and check it out for yourself!

Guy's Guide To What Your Girlfriend's Watching: a Cheat Sheet to Your Girlfriend's Favorite Shows


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