Jersey Shore TV: The 5 Holy F#$% Moments of Episode 5 - 1/28/11

Jersey Shore fans! Episode 5 was full of Sammi-Ronnie drama... but this time it wasn't the same ol' whining and nagging, if you can believe it! After a typical night out on the boardwalk, Ronnie decides to help Sammi "pack"... or just throw all of her clothes around the room they share with Mike. But instead of Sammi's usual hissy fit, the night ended with a pretty hardcore punch right in Ronnie's face... and of course, plenty of tears. From mobster c***blocking uncles to Deena's freaky sexual fetish, this episode wasn't all about the romance. Check out Alex's full review below for the rest of the night's holy f#$% moments!

Jersey Shore TV: "Drunk Punch Love"


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