Squid Girl Episode #01 Anime Review

Based on the seven volume manga series currently running in Japan by Masahiro Anbe, Squid Girl is one of the new fall premieres in 2010 produced and animated by Diomedea. It's an interesting studio who has had some intriguing variety in the works they've landed, from Skull Man to Kodomo no Jikan. Squid Girl fits into the supernatural comedy category which offers them a lot of room to maneuver with things since they can play it straight, go for the highly unusual and tie it all together with a dose of comedy.

The show focuses on a young girl named Squid Girl who arrives at a seaside restaurant and declares that she's there to subdue the world in a squidly fashion. Because of the way humanity has ruined the seas, she's intent on taking it all back with a vengeance. Not that anyone believes her since she looks like a kid who is simply cosplaying more than anything else. Introducing herself as Squid Girl certainly doesn't bolster her position either. Amusingly, because of the way she's fairly polite, the manager there corrals her into working as a waitress. It's fairly cute how she goes from trying to subdue humanity to working the tables without realizing it for a few minutes. It actually works in a way once she gets into it as she's told that she can't subdue humanity if she can't handle a thirty table restaurant.

Anime logic at its finest, I must say.

Because of its comedy manga origins, the episode has a breakdown of three stories across it of different lengths. This is reminiscent of some of the classic comedies of old in that you'd get half episode stories so that it wouldn't run a gag into the ground. With Squid Girl established at working at the seaside restaurant, and doing her best to learn things so she can achieve her world domination goal, she ends up meeting people along the way while using her powers at hand. The most interesting one at this state is that she has ten tentacles mixed into her hair that allows it all to blend. She's able to control them individually to great skill and she uses them to abuse people at times as well. Though some of them, such as a kid she befriends in the middle story, ends up finding her to be pretty cool and offers to help her along as her first underling.

Source Here: http://www.mania.com/squid-girl-episode-01_article_125724.html


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