Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap For Season 3, Episode 15: The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Un

This week, our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap is all about grandkids and grand gestures! In Season 3, Episode 15: "The Real Housewives of Paris: Part Un," the ladies head to Europe, and fireworks go off  literally and figuratively. So hop in your helicopter, set some threesome ground rules, and save the turtles!

Intervention Time

The episode begins with Kim telling Kyle Richards that she thinks Taylor Armstrong has a drinking problem and wants to talk to Tay about it. We also see that Kim is startled that turtle shells are on Kyle’s wall, as if Kim is worried that the Ninja Turtles are going to suddenly show up at Kyle’s place to get revenge for their fallen brethren.

Kyle agrees to join Kim in talking to Taylor, and so the both sit down with Taylor in her home. Taylor clarifies that not knowing her daughter Kennedy was with Kyle last week was a misunderstanding with her nanny. However, Taylor does acknowledge that she’ll sometimes drinks too much, especially when she thinks about Kennedy not having her dad around.

So we’re not sure if Kim and Kyle will help Taylor to make any progress, but we’re proud of Kim for talking to Taylor in a very heartfelt way and for not making Taylor get defensive. Frankly, we were pretty much certain this outing would end in an argument, so we’re relieved (shocked!) that it didn’t. You ladies proved us wrong  well done!

Yolanda has invited the women over to Mohamed’s to show off his home, which she’s been busy decorating. The ladies arrive and meet Yolanda’s husband, David. In fact, David is chatting with Marisa Zanuck when she surprises everyone by saying — in front of Dean! — that she wants to sleep with someone new. Poor Dean!

Then, Yolanda confronts Taylor about rumors that Taylor has issues with her. Yolanda says she would like Taylor to hash things out with her at Starbucks — which we’re sure all the other patrons in the Starbucks would really appreciate. But Tay denies having problems with Yo, telling us that the issues are between her friend Linda and David, who used to be married to each other.

Like Father, Like Son, Like Grandson

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd head to Saint-Tropez in France to spend time with Ken’s 45-year-old son, Warren, and his wife, Sue. Sue and Lisa were once close friends, but Lisa wasn’t pleased when Sue started seeing Warren. Now, things are good between Lisa and Sue, although it did seem like Sue made just a few too many jokes about wishing Lisa and Ken would leave. Humor can hurt, Sue!

It was very cute to see Ken interact with Warren, and it was even cuter to see that Warren and Ken have the exact same haircut. Seriously  the exact same one. Ken also wrestles with his 21-year-old grandson Ryan, just like all grandsons do with their grandpas. But shouldn’t Ken know how old he was when Warren was born? That struck us as a little odd.

When Yolanda heard that both Lisa and Kyle would be in Europe at the same time as she would, she decided that they should all meet up in Paris. Don’t you just love it when you and every single one of your friends just happen to be in Paris at the same time?

Kyle and Kim arrive at the airport, and they remark on how different this is from the trip to Hawaii last year, when Kim was passport-free. Kyle and Kim have a heart-to-heart in the airport waiting area — which is always a good place for a heart-to-heart — as Kim admits that she would hide wine in her coffee mug when she was around Kyle. If only Starbucks sold that kind of coffee!

As they’re about to board the plane, the ladies get some tragic info. Marisa calls Kyle to say she can’t join them in Paris because Dean’s father — film producer Richard Zanuck — has suddenly had a heart attack and passed away. Very sad news indeed.

Where’s Kim?

The ladies unpack at their hotel, which has an amazing view of the Eiffel tower, when Giggy — followed by Lisa and Ken — arrives as well. The ladies wait for the Bastille Day fireworks, and there is some silliness as Brandi Glanville explains the boundaries of her threesomes with Eddie Cibrian. Speaking of boundaries, we’re surprised that Brandi licking Ken’s hair isn’t off limits.

But tension arises — as if you you really thought this trip could be tension-free! — when Kim shows up to the room late. Kim starts making strange comments, like not seeming to remember when she arrived in Paris, or making funny faces and laughing for no real reason. Needless to say, Lisa is concerned. Uh-oh.

So what did we think about this week’s episode? Marisa’s news was definitely heartbreaking, but otherwise, the week was a little light on drama. However, on a show like this, it’s always a relief to take a break from fighting. It was nice seeing Kim and Kyle growing closer, not to mention seeing Warren’s beautiful home. Making money runs in Ken’s genes!

As for the end of the episode, we have to believe that Kim is dedicated to her sobriety, so we really doubt she would be drinking on the trip. However, it is true that they just got off the flight, so it seems possible that she might have taken some sleep medication for the flight that is still altering her behavior. We’re wishing the best for you, Kim — so don’t let us down!

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