CBS Brings Robin Williams and Josh Holloway Back to TV, Introduces Five New Shows for Fall, Three for Midseason. Watch the Trailers!

CBS Fall Lineup

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Compared to some other networks, CBS came out of this past season relatively unscathed. Yes, they canceled some shows, but even with those failures, they were able to keep the title of Most Watched Network.

As a result, they didn’t have a lot of empty space to fill with new shows, and only announced six new shows scheduled to premiere in the Fall.

The biggest name joining the Tiffany network is Robin Williams, who is starring in the single-camera comedy The Crazy Ones, alongside TV vet Sarah Michelle Geller. They’re a father-daughter team who run an ad agency. And since this is Robin Williams we’re talking about, to say he’s unorthodox when it comes to business is to understate the matter incredibly…

Will Arnett, now free from the canceled NBC sitcom Up All Night, stars in The Millers, another comedy about adult children living with their parents. Arnett stars as the recently divorced Nathan Miller. When his parents find out about his divorce, they also split up, forcing Nathan’s mother (Margo Martindale), to move in with him, and Nathan’s father (Beau Bridges) to move in with Nathan’s sister. Wacky fart-filled, laugh-track-backed antics ensue. It’s no Arrested Development, that’s for sure…

Chuck Lorre, the king of CBS comedies, (Mike & Molly; Two and a Half Men; The Big Bang Theory), will add a fourth comedy to his arsenal with Mom, starring Anna Faris as a newly-single mother with two kids dealing with the influence of her troublesome mother, played by Allison Janey.

Where Mom is focused on women, the possibly ironically titled We Are Men is about, well, men. Specifically, four single men of various ages, played by Chris Smith, Tony Shalhoub, Kal Penn, and Jerry O’Connell, as they attempt to live an exciting life of adventure and picking up chicks.

And the drama front, only one is set to premiere in the Fall, while three more will premiere midseason. Of the three midseason shows — Reckless, Friends With Better Lives, and Intelligence — Intelligence is the only one that currently has a trailer. Maybe because it stars someone well known to uber-geeky TV fans. I’m talking about Sawyer himself, Josh Holloway! The series, a kind of modern-day Six Million Dollar Man, is about a federal agent with a super chip in his head that turns him into a walking computer with a wealth of information available to him in the blink of an eye. So, basically what Google Glass can only aspire to be.

Hostages, which is set to premiere in the beginning of the Fall, stars Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott, in a story filled with many shades of grey. McDermott wants to kill the President, and holds Collette’s family hostage because he wants her to do it. See, she’s the President’s doctor, so it could be a pretty easy job for her. But does the President really deserve to die? That’s a question that may or may not be answered in the course of the series.

Edited to add:
On May 22nd, CBS announced it has also picked up the sitcom Bad Teacher, based on the Cameron Diaz film of the same name. A premiere date has yet to be announced, and a trailer is likely coming soon.


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